Paul Janus

Paul Janus

Small Engines-Diversified Occupations

Being a long time arborist and outdoorsman gave Mr. Janus a great foundation, education and love for small engines and equipment. Antique engines from marine outboards, chainsaws, snowmobiles, go-carts, minibikes and everything in between is a passion of Mr. Janus’. New technology for small engines and electric motors is evolving every day and is a constant focus in every class.

Mr. Janus is also well known across the state of Maine and worldwide as a Meteorologist. From television, radio, agricultural and infrastructure weather forecasting, he is constantly reminded that weather affects all of us and this is evident in the lessons he teaches from season to season.

Mr. Janus can be heard on local radio stations such as Maine Public Radio, WTOS, WOXO, and WIGY. He always welcomes questions and comments about class and the weather.

Paul and his bride Leah live in the Sebago Lake Region. They love to garden, fish, enjoy the great outdoors, and volunteer in the community.