Fire Science

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The Fire Science Program at Lake Region Vocational Center is the same training and education that firefighters all across the State of Maine take with their departments. The program is based on the Firefighter I and II – Jones and Bartlett Firefighter Skills curriculum.
The instructors provide real world experiences through lecture and demonstration. Students will either be current members of a municipal fire department or will become members by the conclusion of the first month of school. The department will provide the student with approved firefighting  turnout gear that will be used during the course. The department will also provide a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and spare tanks for the activities that may require one.
Upon successful completion of End Tests through the Maine Fire Service Institute, the student wll become certified as Firefighter I and II based on the Standards for Firefighter Professional Qualification, NFPA 1001.



Richard Shepard

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