Diversified Occupations

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The Diversified Occupations program provides students aged 14-20 with a variety of experiences.
VOCATIONAL ASSESSMENT: Students enter the program after completing a one-week vocational assessment.  This assessment, provided by the Valpar Assessment System, includes academic and aptitude/ability testing.
PRE VOCATIONAL TRAINING: The goal of the first year of the Diversified Occupations Program is to provide students with a core curriculum in the areas of food service, pre-construction, career exploration, small engine repair, and retail occupations.
COMMUNITY JOB SITE TRAINING: Students particpate in crew work and utilize training sites within the community to help develop effective life-long work habits in order to increase their knowledge of the work environment.
PAID JOB PLACEMENT: Students who remain in the Diversified Occupations program work specifically in an area of interest and ability level with the goal being paid placement.
VOCATIONAL TRAINING: By the students third year, they have the opportunity to move into a traditional vocational program or continue their Diversified Occupations Program.
INDIVIDUALIZED HIGH SCHOOL MATH COURSES: Students earn a minimum of two high school math credits by completing course work in Math Fundamentals, Algebra I, Geometry, and Consumer Math.


This course meets Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fri.


This course is held in room V105.