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LRVC has many business management courses for those thinking of opening their own business in the future, or managing someone else’s business.
ACCOUNTING I – Accounting I is designed to present the introductory phases of accounting for a sole-proprietorship and partnership.  Preparation and interpretation of accounting journals, ledgers and financial statements are stressed.  Units on payroll, state and federal taxes and reconciling bank statements are introduced to aid the student in utilizing accounting for personal use.
AUTOMATED ACCOUNTING II –  Students will apply the knowledge acquired in Accounting I to corporate business. Topics will include financial statements, payroll and inventory.
DESKTOP PUBLISHING USING PUBLISHER – This course is designed to introduce the student to the most up-to-date, innovative methods of electronic publishing using Microsoft Publisher. Students will learn the fundamentals of electronic publishing including layout, text editing, graphics, manipulation and printing.
ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR – Students will learn how to create text and gradients, draw and compose an illustration, transform and distort objects, work with layers, patterns, brushes, filters, transparency and the new Live Color feature.  Students will then focus on creating graphs, drawing with symbols and creating 3D objects.
WEB PAGE DESIGN USING ADOBE DREAMWEAVER- Students will create web pages using Adobe Dreamweaver.  Students will learn how to incorporate text, images, links and tables into web pages.
ADVANCED WEB PAGE DESIGN USING FLASH & DREAMWEAVER – Students use Flash to create and play a movie, work in a timeline, create symbols, plan a web site, use the drawing tools, create objects and text, work with libraries, buttons, actions, and animation, and with masks, sounds and scenes.
INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING – This course focuses on marketing and e-commerce concepts including how to meet customer needs, creating products and services (both wholesale and retail), pricing methods, credit, and marketing communications.
SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – The purpose of this course is to make the student aware of what is necessary to start a small business. The focus will be on developing a business plan. This will include understanding  the legal, financial, marketing and management aspects of starting a business.
SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – This is a basic business course designed to acquaint students with the activities associated with operating and managing a business. The business environment, ownership, leadership and management, communication and information systems, production and marketing management are covered.
$MATTERS – $Matters explores personal and consumer financial information as it applies to workers and consumers in an international economy.  Students will develop the skills needed to make sound money decisions.



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