Early Childhood Occupations I & II

In the Early Childhood Occupations program, students can prepare for careers that involve working with young children.

This program meets the following Standards:

Maine Certified Industry Standards for CIP 19.0709

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Professional Preparation

Certifications: CECA (Certified Early Childhood Assistant-a Maine certification)

First Aid and CPR

CDA (Child Development Associate-a National certification)

3rd Party Assessment: NOCTI assessment #4016

To earn CECA certification: Complete NAEYC Standards Completion Portfolio, earn First Aid and CPR certification, score 70 or better on NOCTI assessment # 4016, complete 180 hours each of field and classroom instruction, complete Maine Roads to Quality registry requirements.

EARLY CHILDHOOD OCCUPATIONS I                                                                  Grades 11-12

Early Childhood Occupations I acquaints students with the latest ideas and theories concerning child development from conception through the school age years. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of typical and atypical development, describe the influence of early experiences on brain development, create healthy learning environments, analyze trends that affect families and communities, explore methods of child observations, among other skills gained.