Diversified Occupations 8

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The Diversified Occupations 8  program provides students in the eighth grade with the opportunity to experience the Diversified Occupations program prior to entering high school.
VOCATIONAL ASSESSMENT: Students enter the program after completing a one-week vocational assessment.  This assessment, provided by the Valpar Assessment System, includes academic and aptitude/ability testing.
PRE-VOCATIONAL TRAINING: The goal is to provide students with a core curriculum in the areas of food service, pre-construction, small engine repair, career explorations and retail occupations.
COMMUNITY JOB SITE TRAINING: Students participate in crew work and utilize training sites within the community to help develop effective life-long work habits and increase their knowledge of the work environment.
VOCATIONAL TRAINING: By the time students reach the 11th grade, they have the opportunity to move into a traditional vocational program or continue their Diversified Occupations Program.
INDIVIDUALIZED HIGH SCHOOL MATH COURSES: Students earn math credits by completing course work in Math Fundamentals, Algebra I, Geometry, and Consumer Math.



This course is held in room 150.